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Like the taste for fine cuisine, taste for music is something that’s not given to us or remains constant. It is developed, expanded and refined throughout our lives, and at KB School of Music, we take it as our duty to light the musical spark inside every child or adult. Together, we make learning music fun, exciting and rewarding.


At KB, we share a passion for music and a commitment to instilling the same love and enthusiasm for it in each and every one of our students. We are particularly excited to work with beginners, as well as more advanced pupils and anyone whose dreams are tightly intertwined with music. 

What sets us apart is our belief that music is an integral part of human lives, not only for entertainment but also for building character and developing psychologically. That’s why we believe music education isn’t just for teenagers and adults. On the contrary, notes and tunes should be introduced to children as early as the age of three. 

For every minute our students enjoy striking the keys of the piano or strumming the guitar strings, we make sure to take steps forward. This way we promote musical and mental growth as a rewarding and joy-filled experience.


Our music classes

KB offers a variety of music classes, depending on the instrument you’re interested in and your aspirations. From popular choices like the guitar and the piano to cello, ukulele and woodwind, and even voice development and signing, we offer an array of music classes for kids, passionate about studying music.


Advanced Learning

Our advanced music classes are intended to build the skills and confidence needed to prepare you for the various board examinations. We are committed to helping each student reach their full potential, as shown by the amazing grades our students achieve.


Learning for Fun

Music doesn’t need to be your job in order to experience the fantastic benefits it offers. Our music learning for fun classes help students improve their ability while learning in a fun, relaxed environment


Advance Piano Program

Meet a world-class pianist and master piano performance learning from the best.


Music Master Classes

With two different levels of classes, as well as teacher development, voice masterclass sessions and our infamous music exams preparation masterclasses, KB offers unique opportunities to master instruments and the art of music.


Other Programs

From teaching the depths of music theory to HSC tutoring and school holiday programs, KB School of Music provides a variety of diverse music-based programs.

Upcoming events at KB

AMEB Music Exam

August 17-19, 2019


Students have been working hard to prepare for the next upcoming music examinations to be held at the Sydney conservatorium of Music

Exam preparation Master Class

August 4, 2019

Our Principal, Anne Kim, will be hosting the next examination masterclass. 

Sunday Soiree

August 11, 2019

At KB we host a series of small performance opportunities where students play for their friends and family. 

Preliminary Theory Class

August 10, 2019

This is the ideal class for students who want to solidify their understanding of music theory and work towards a music craft preliminary AMEB reward. 

Sunday Soiree

September 1, 2019

At KB we host a series of small performance opportunities where students play for their friends and family.