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About us

We can talk about music for hours but when it comes to us, we let KB School of Music’s reputation and values speak for themselves.


Who are we?

In 2013, I transformed my lounge in Clovelly into a small music room: this is how KB School of Music was created. My journey began with only a handful of students who quickly challenged my beliefs about the need for conventional music lessons. Each of my pupils had their unique response to lessons and over-the-top strict approaches often fell on deaf ears. 

Having always been passionate about teaching music, I redesigned my approach completely. Instead of discouraging mistakes, I taught my students to embrace them, see them as milestones on the road to success. 

A year later, we moved into a bigger studio in Randwick. As more and more students flocked the studio, eager to learn, KB School of Music expanded its team and we’ve been on the same road since then. As a mother myself, I believe creating a family-friendly atmosphere is crucial for the little one’s development and I aspire to make KB not only a place for learning but a place of understanding, support, and guidance.

Kathryn Burgess
Owner/ Managing Director

Why choose us?

At KB, we adopt a holistic approach, introducing our students to music inside and outside the classroom. We teach basic and crucial music aspects, but we also interweave progress with fun. At KB, our music teachers believe the personal approach is the key to success and try to instill discipline, respect but also passion and enthusiasm for music in each of our pupils. 

As a testament to both our work and our students’ hard work and dedication, they frequently score the highest grades on every music examination. Just last year our students scored predominantly the highest grades – with half of them scoring A+ and over a third A.

Our specialty doesn’t just lie in music education for children. We appreciate each student’s unique character and try to reflect it with our way of teaching. We provide a specifically tailored program that we believe can help us better understand each student’s abilities and the areas that may need a bit of extra work. Our school offers two levels of basic music education, as well as a more advanced class for those pursuing a career in music.

Beginner Basic

The ideal first dip into the sea of music for young beginners. Our individual classes are aimed at introducing students to music and inspiring them to take the time to learn it.

Progressive Basic

For those who wish to take a music exam or just looking for a more comprehensive experience, our progressive basic program also offers one-on-one classes that are targeted at supporting a more in-depth study of music and exam preparation.


What sets us apart from the rest is our group mentality – we don’t work alone for our own incentives, our mission is always a team-oriented. That’s why in order to give our students a better look into the world of music we often host workshops with guests from the Opera Australia Orchestra, as well as masterclasses and advanced programs run by world-class pianists.


Kathryn Burgess
Owner/ Managing Director
Early Childhood Piano Teacher
Anne Kim
Principal/ Director of Advance Program
Yuval Zaks
Guitar/ Piano Teacher
Assistant teacher in the Advance Piano Program
Piano Teacher
Erin McKellar
Vocal Teacher
Chernxi Khor
Piano Teacher
Pamina Milenkovic
Piano Teacher
Brian Huang
Piano Teacher