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We are Hip & Cool

We understand how important it is to be able to relate to children. It's of no use if the teacher is a dashing pianist but you have no clue how to work with kids. Children can be very robust, but with the wrong approach one can hinder that little heart from being able to progress in their music journey. Our lessons are very interactive and we use a variety of different games and tools as teaching aids. If I can tell you one thing, it is this: Your little one will not be bored.

At KB Piano Studio we give high fives and we actually like kids!

Well done for reading up to this point. Give yourself a tap on the shoulder. I can go on and be a bit pretentious like the title suggest and tell you about how good looking we all are, but that you will have to come and see for yourself. I'm actually just taking into consideration that the next paragraph to the right is very long and if I don't match the length somewhat then the design element will be out. So..... [insert the awkward turtle] the weather was lovely today. I lost an argument with  my two year old this morning. My little baby girl is not sleeping much at the moment. Do you remember the zombie phase? There's nothing a cup of coffee and a million dollars cant fix. Ok.... we are almost at that sweet-spot with the paragraph length. If only I can think of another sentence to write!  Yea, you are right, just book in for that free trial already. We are pretty cool.

We know stuff

We understand that not all children learn the same pace. Some kids need a much more hands-on approach and we have to draw things and create ways for each individual to understand the concepts. Then there are other little ones who grasp the concepts by just reading the material. We have room for them all. Music education is fascinating. You don't just learn how to play instruments, you have to learn the theory (math) behind the constructs as well. Then there is discipline component which includes the student's engagement in order to master his/her craft. Piano is not a team-sport and therefore there is a fair bit of "lone ranger" work involved. The student has a one-on-one lesson with the teacher, and then goes home to practice by themselves to continue their learning and mastering of their skill. Even though sometimes Mum & Dad will help as well there will come a time where it will be all up to the student. We understand all of this and we have a variety of different tools to support you and guide you on this journey.

We have some great motivational incentives to help spur our students on because we understand that it can sometimes be tricky to keep morale high when a student is learning something difficult.

We see ourselves as specialists in children's music education and we work hard to take into consideration the various developmental stages of kids in learning. You are more than welcome to give us a call and to have more of a chat. Or better yet, book in for a free trial lesson and come chat to one of educators.

We will take you places

Our program comprises various elements that set us above any of our other friends in the industry.  At KB Piano we work as a team. We have a fantastic team and we do a lot of training and investing into the professional development of our teachers. This is actually unheard of .In our industry the way you teach determines your product, so for us to training teachers is a big thing.

We do this because we want to be able to give our students the best experience.

Even though we all share the same teaching methodology, we are a bit different. We try our best to allocate the right teacher to the student after the trial lesson. At times we might move the student to a different teacher if we believe that they have 'graduated' a particular teachers skill-set and we will place the student with the more appropriate teacher.  The student's development is our top priority and often a fresh set of eyes will allow the student to flourish further in their training.

We have a variety of programs available once the student has mastered the beginner skills.

We are able to help students journey through the AMEB exams and gain a certificate!

Furthermore, we also have an Elite program if you feel that you need a more focused approach. This program has a more serious nature, but boy-oh-boy you wont believe the results. We are very lucky to have Anne Kim coordinating the Elite program. She is a concert pianist with extensive experience in child development in music education.


Frequently asked questions

What age is a good age to start lessons?

We can start teaching one-on-one lessons from the age of 3. Once the student can count to 5 and have been introduced the the ABC's we can teach them.  Book in for a free trial lesson and we can asses your little to see if he/she is ready.

Why should you consider KB Piano?

We are pretty great. If you want to get a good comprehensive overview it's best to have a look at the above paragraphs and to also have a look at our About page. But to summarize: We like children. We are really good at what we do. We have a variety of different programs so a student will never stagnate. Did I mention we are lots of fun? Book in for a trial lesson and come see for yourself.

Do our students get the opportunity to perform?

Yes! we have a number of small recitals every term as well as a big end of year recital. We believe that it's important for each student to build their confidence and also have the opportunity to perform in front of others.

Do we do piano exams?

Yes we do. We are happy to help students complete their AMEB ( Australian Music Education Board) exam journey. We can start off with the P Plate exams for beginners and continue to take students all the way to gr 8. For the higher grades I would highly recommend looking at the Elite program info.

Does the teacher change frequently?

At KB Piano we work as a team. We train all our teachers so you will encounter the same teaching methodology regardless with whom you have a lesson. We try our very best to not just change teachers for any old reason. Your teacher might change under the following circumstances:

- If you change the lesson time we can't always guarantee you will have the same teacher.

- At times a teacher's schedule may change and then we have to try and shuffle a few things around.

- If we feel that a student has graduated a certain teacher's skill-set then we will move the student to ensure their continuing development.

What is KB Piano's canceltion & refund policy

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a lesson with 24 hours or more notice we are happy to offer you a make up lesson. Make up lessons have to be taken before the commencement of the next term. We don't offer refunds, however we understand that life happens so we are happy to accommodate a refund if a student can't make lessons due medical reasons.

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