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Music Journey

october 2018

Come join us on an unforgettable adventure where music history will come alive! We will journey through Europe and discover the origin of the classics. This cultural journey combined with music workshops will offer a well rounded music education experience. Come join us for fun, friends & music. 

5 July

We will arrive in Hobart on the Wednesday afternoon and  settle into our  accommodation at the Sullivans Apartments and familiarise ourselves with our surroundings.In the late afternoon/early evening we will go and  explore what the Festival of Sound has to offer in the city. 

6 July

After breakfast we will pay a visit to the conservatory of music in Hobart and participate in a music workshop with a special guest teacher from the TSO. We will attend a rehearsal to see the orchestra in action. We will continue our learning in the afternoon in the art galleries in Hobart where we will explore the relationship between art and music.

7 July

After our morning workshop with with a guest teacher from the TSO we will take a ferry to Mona. There we will pick up where we left off from the previous days discussion about the holistic nature of music and art.  We will finish the day at the Festival of Voices in Salamanca

8 July

Today we will visit the markets of Salamanca and exploring the art of street performers. We will get ourselves ready for the evening concert at the Federation Concert Hall where we will be watching Fireworks, Hobart, one of the glittering jewels of the Baroque. Afterwards we will be meeting up with some of the orchestra members to discuss the performance.

9 July

We will enjoy a debriefing session where we will discuss all the elements we learned during our stay in Hobart. After a relaxing morning we will make our way to the airport and return to Sydney forever changed by this magical experience.

Snap Shot Itinerary of 2017 Trip

To give you an idea of what we will be doing.....

The details

This is a brief summary of the logistical aspects of this music retreat. 

We will take a domestic flight from Sydney Airport to Hobart.


Our accommodation is walking distance to TSO which makes local transportation very easy. When we need to travel to other local destinations we will be making use of public transport.

Sullivans Cove Apartments will be our home for 4 nights. We have arranged gender appropriate accommodation and key staff from KB School of Music will be accompanying the students.

$1500-1800 pp (The total will depend on the number of students on the trip)

This is an all inclusive trip and the cost for accommodation, travel, food , workshops and entrance fees are all covered.

Getting to Hobart





Frequently asked Questions. 

How old do I have to be to go on this trip?

This program is for students aged 15-19 years old.

How do we get there?

We will fly to Hobart from Sydney on Wednesday 5 July.


What supervision will be there?

The students will be accompanied by senior staff from KB School of Music.


Do I need prior musical knowledge to join?

All thought it will be advantageous it is not a prerequisite. We will be participating in various music workshops that will greatly benefit students with adequate music knowledge.


Can parents join as well?

Parents are more that welcome to join our group. Please get in contact with our team to discuss all the options.


Are there any other hidden costs?

We have done our very best to make this an all inclusive trip. The excursion fee covers all the accommodation , travel and food costs. If a student wishes to buy anything else from the shops or markets he/she is more than welcome to bring some extra pocket money.