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Ok, well at KB Piano Studio we do REAL. Being a mum sometimes just involves caffeine or ...wine.... Well whatever your vice. We get it. We have a few options here at our studio regardless of the mommy season you find yourself in. 

Well done for attempting to leave the house! This is an easy class for mums with little bubs. This is a casual singing and movement class where you can just be yourself. We really don't care if you did't brush your hair or if you have vomit on your shirt. 

Grab a coffee and come join us for some special time with your little one and adult conversation.  

Hello there mumma!

Fun Time

$10/session       or

$70/school term ( 10 weeks)

$200/school term ( 10 weeks)

To The Beat

So by this time you have your baby in some sort of routine (cough). You have a better grip on reality and you can remember your husbands name. 

This is the perfect activity to bring your little bub to. We will be doing a variety of different activities centered around music and movement. Music is a fantastic element for little developing brains.  

Little Mozart

Hello there mamma with a turdler. Who said it wasn't going to be fun loosing an argument to a 2 year old....? Well you have made it this far, everyone is still alive! This is the best class for little busy bodies. Send them on a journey of musical discovery! One week we might be little busy bees learning about the rhythm of life and another week will send those little ones into a trans with body percussion. 

After one of our classes nap time should be a breeze - you are welcome. 

$200/school term ( 10 weeks)