We get it. Rewards motivate and inspire. We got your back.

we have something special lined up at the opera house. no biggy.

Student of the term

Student of the year

Each term the KB Piano team keep their eyes out for students that go above and beyond that what is required of them. That extra 5 min you squeezed in matters! Those scales that you absolutely nailed this week- it made a difference.


These extraordinary harworking students will receive a special invetation to have a lesson with pianist Anne Kim at the Sydney Opera house. The lessons will be conducted in concert master, Jun Yi Ma's, personal office. A small tour of the opera house will be included for this special student and one guest.


Go on. Practice that passage one more time. Ask mum to quiz you on your note reading for just a few minutes longer!

You  made it! After a year where you dedicated yourself and practiced and worked with your teacher you deserve something special!


Students who we feel were consistent and dedicated on a weekly basis deserve to be treated!


We invite these special students to accompany pianist Anne Kim & co to the Opera House for a night of music, fun and laughter. Come and meet some other dedicated musicians and get the back stage scoop.


So make every week count!! You can do this!

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