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Taking Care of Your Voice! Safe and Effective Vocal Training


How do you unlock the range and strength of your voice safely and effectively?


This is a problem often encountered with by young singers and their teachers. The voice is a complex and delicate mechanism, and not all approaches to singing are equally ‘safe’. Dr John Phillips, who directs vocal studies at KB School of Music and has had many years of experience in working with young voices, both as voice teacher and choral conductor, will introduce two outstanding Sydney vocal teachers to explain and demonstrate their personal strategies in working with young voices while avoiding strain, overuse and other vocal problems. 


This session is sure to prove interesting and insightful for all singers and their teachers working at any level, classical, contemporary or choral. 

What will we be doing?

Dr John Philips

Director of Vocal Studies

The details

Time: 15:30- 17:00

Cost: $40 Click here to see discount offers. 

Darling Harbour Convention Centre

19 April 2018